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February 16, 2017

Here are photos of the different cap styles we offer:


Includes a Band to hold lace flat so adhesive is not required.  Adhesive still might be preferred. This is a fully hand tied cap. 

Four images showing full lace caps.

Lace Front Cap: Includes band to hold lace flat across the forehead.  Adhesive is not required however may be preferred to hold down ear tab area. This cap has a hand tied lace front 3" deep.  The remainder of the cap is closed wefted.  Wefting allows for a fuller wig without having to be too full on top. 

Image showing lace front of silk cap.

Full lace Silk top:  Full lace Silk Top includes a band to hold lace flat across the forhead.  This cap is similar to a Full Lace fully hand tied.  When cutting lace on this cap take care not to cut into the silk section.  


Solace Cap by IWIG 

Pulls heat and sweat away from scalp
Mimics hair growth sprouting from the scalp using advanced knotting technique. Natural scalp color. No cap needed
Secure “skin stick” material. Can be worn with or without glue, combs or clips
All hand tied-Multi directional
Exclusive lace front provides amazing realistic hairline


Gardeaux Double Mono Top (NEW CAP STYLE)

Lace Front, Double Mono Top, Fully Hand Tied, Ear Tabs, Adjustable Strap.




Size Chart
The Gardeaux Wig Cap Size Chart:
How to measure your head for your Wig Cap size:
How to Measure for a Wig Cap - Gardeaux Wigs