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About Gardeaux

About Gardeaux
They say that necessity is the mother of invention. In my case that is indeed the truth!
My name is Rachel Gardea, and I am the creator of Gardeaux Wigs.
As a hair stylist and singer with baby fine hair, I began my search for beautiful wigs that I could wear to my singing gigs. I quickly became frustrated with both quality and coloring of wigs that I could find locally and online.
I decided to create my own hand-colored human hair wigs and developed a process of wig coloring that looks exactly as though you just stepped out of the stylist’s chair. The best feeling.
I thought there might be other people out there with the same problem in finding the wigs they dreamed of and decided to put a few wigs online.
The rest is Gardeaux Wigs history!
My home and shop are located in the beautiful city of Woodlands, Texas. My small family of staff strives to create wigs that make you feel beautiful, just like you stepped out of the stylist's chair.
- Rachel Merritt Gardea




Size Chart
The Gardeaux Wig Cap Size Chart:
How to measure your head for your Wig Cap size:
How to Measure for a Wig Cap - Gardeaux Wigs