They say that necessity is the mother of invention. In my case that is certainly the truth!

My name is Rachel Gardea, and I am the creator of Gardeaux Wigs. As a hair stylist and singer with baby fine hair, I began a search for beautiful wigs I could wear to my singing gigs. I quickly became frustrated with both quality and coloring of wigs I could find both locally and online. I decided to create my own hand colored human hair wigs, and developed a process of wig coloring that looks as if you just stepped out of the stylist’s chair. I thought there may be other people out there with the same problem in finding the wigs they dream about and put a few wigs online. The rest is Gardeaux Wigs history! My home and shop are located in the beautiful wine country of Sonoma County, California. My small family of staff strives to create wigs that make you feel amazing.

- Rachel Merritt Gardea


Our Promise

We at Gardeaux Wigs are passionate about creating beautiful wigs through styling and coloring that give you the freedom to not worry about your hair.   Each wig that is created, packaged, and shipped to you is a wig we would wear ourselves and/or share with our family.

We care about our product, because we know how much of an impact a quality wig can have on someone's confidence.  

Creating a quality product and providing excellent customer service are the two things that this company is built on.


Our Guarantee

All of our wigs are 100% human remy hair, which allows for styling with heat and wearing with confidence.  We have two options for purchase. We have a Ready to Ship section where you can order wigs ready to mail out the same day. We also have a Made to Order section where you have some options on limited styles. Please allow 6-8 weeks for yours to arrive.

We also sell numerous products and accessories to help you care for your wig and prolong it's wear-ability.

Rachel in her wig sitting in a classic car.