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September 02, 2023

What is an iwig? 

iwig by Erica Luxembourg is a line of wigs made of the finest hair in the world.  iWig products use the most advanced technology and methods to build some of the most beautiful, luxurious wigs available in the world today.

If you are looking for the highest quality hair on a budget, this is the hair for you. iwigs classic human hair has been carefully chosen to meet the highest of standards. This hair comes straight, but can be styled to your preferences as it curls easily and will hold all day long. The hair has cuticles intact and can be lowlighted as desired. 

Iwig offers Virgin European hair however here at Gardeaux Wigs we typically only stock the classic line of Mongolian Hair Wigs.  

Available lengths for the Classic Collection: 
12”- overall 17.5”
14”- overall 19.5”
16”- overall 21.5”

Size Chart
The Gardeaux Wig Cap Size Chart:
How to measure your head for your Wig Cap size:
How to Measure for a Wig Cap - Gardeaux Wigs